Viaquébec.com exists since 2006. At the beginning, the site was intended to inform people about the choice of outings in Quebec City. After a few months, we decided to take pictures of the customers in some bars in the city.

In 2009, the site took a new vocation, that of the web-TV. Some shows are online on Viaquébec's Youtube channel. The name also changed for VQR (Viaquébec Réseau).

In 2011, Viaquébec ceased operations and dropped the website. The latter was taken over by an unknown company.


It was in February 2018 that Viaquébec returned to the Quebec web site. Same logo, same name, a revamped site, but we put the scale on the name of the site, rather than the logo. We want VIAQUEBEC.COM to be eye-catching. A return to the sources on the info-output, with a nostalgic touch on the old bars of Quebec, project born in 2007. It is important for us that there is a history of the bars, because nothing better than to leave the old names, like the Palladium, the Vogue or if we go further, the Volks-Brauhaus to recall memories and to feed the discussions ... before going out, why not ...


You can write to viaquebecreseau@hotmail.com, for the addition of a current bar or in the bar cemetery.